Choosing The Right Cage For Your Parakeet


Having a pet inside your home will have a positive effect on your mood everyday. If you are a bird lover and you are planning to buy one to be your new pet, you should consider getting a parakeet. Parakeets are just as beautiful and vibrant as parrots. The only difference is that they are smaller in size and they have longer tails. They will look stunning and awesome inside your home.


Even if you choose to get a pet bird, this still means that you will have a lot of responsibilities. You have to feed him every now and then and you have to provide him with a good home. Before you go to the pet shop and start looking for a parakeet, you must first buy your pet a good decorative bird cages. Your pet bird will be spending a huge chunk of his life living on his cage. This is why you must never sacrifice quality over cost. In this article, allow me to share with you some tips that you may use as your guide when shopping for a parakeet cage.


1.            Choose the right shape.


The shape of the cage is a very important factor that you must consider when buying one. Although there are plenty of shapes to choose from, it is best to go for the traditional rectangular shaped bird cage. I will not recommend getting a round cage for your pet parakeet because he won't feel very safe inside it. Whenever he gets scared/ spooked, he needs a wall to retreat to. Know how long do parakeets live here!


2.            Choose the right material.


Some of the most popular choices when it comes to the material of a bird cage are iron and stainless steel. Choose one that is durable so that you won't be replacing the cage every now and then. Because birds are known to chew on their cages a lot, see it that you never a buy a cage that is made from toxic materials.


3.            Get him a big cage.


One of the responsibilities you have as a pet owner is to provide your parakeet with a good home. He should feel comfortable and safe inside his cage. With this being said, you have to look for the biggest bird cage available that you can afford. If he stretches his wings and he hits the side of his cage, then you need to choose one that is bigger.


4.            Take a closer look at the cage's bar spacing.


The ideal bar spacing for bird cages should not exceed more than 1/2 inch. This is to avoid the head of your pet parakeet getting stuck through the bars.


Use this article as your guide when buying a parakeet cage and you will find the best one for your pet in no time. You can visit to learn more.

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